Serving the Children of the World
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Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of Newton.  Please join us for our weekly meeting at noon on Mondays at Charlies Restaurant in Newells Truck Stop.

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01/23/2017 Meeting

Thea Nietfeld from Offender Victim Ministries will be our speaker.  

01/30/2017 Meeting

Matthew Schmidt from Health Ministries will give us an update on what their organization has been doing and how they have been using our grant funds.

02/06/2017 Meeting

Judge Wildner from the 9th District court will give us an update on the courts in Harvey County.

02/13/2017 Meeting
02/20/2017 Meeting
02/27/2017 Meeting
03/06/2017 Meeting
03/13/2017 Meeting
03/20/2017 Meeting
03/27/2017 Meeting
04/03/2017 Meeting
04/10/2017 Meeting
04/17/2017 Meeting
04/24/2017 Meeting
05/01/2017 Meeting